Commissioned by Estonian Music Days Festival 


Triin Ruubel, Juta Õunapuu-Mocanita


Solo Instrument(s) and orchestra

​Sub category

String Orchestra




11 minutes


2 solo violins, str(


First performed

12 April 2015, Studio 1 of Estonian Public  Broadcasting, by Triin Ruubel (violin) and Juta Õunapuu-Mocanita (violin), by Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Atvars Lakstīgala

Program notes
Stiihia is a state characterized by uninterrupted action of forces; existence of elements of chaos in a system and the freedom that follows. Thematic material of the piece has been derived from such phenomena, initiating from the etymology of the word στοιχεῖον/stoicheion (stiihia as equivalence in composers’  native language), used in ancient philosophy for basic elements. Plato counts up Fire, Water, Air and Earth, Aristotle adds a fifth element – aether, or quintessence. According to Japanese Buddhist tradition, the elements (godai, “five greats”) are Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void – emptiness or heaven. 
​The piece was commissioned by Estonian Contemporary Music Festival Estonian Music Days for the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and Estonian two of the most spectacular violinists −  Triin Ruubel-Lilleberg (present concertmaster of Estonian Symphony Orchestra) and Juta Õunapuu -Mocanita (violinist of Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne and member of Cologne Chamber Soloists).