A review from BlowUp Magazine (Italy)

The works of Elis Hallik and Liza Lim on the CD Kairos offer listeners a collection of chamber pieces that reveal their tension towards spectralist formulations and, to a lesser extent, interest in live electronics. As an Estonian composer born in 1986, Elis Hallik involved an orchestra, five ensembles, and numerous soloists, resulting in a deployment of forces commensurate with the final outcome. The combinations of various instruments offer specific perspectives depending on the piece, and it is undeniable that the composer has a skillful hand in identifying the most expressive solutions to maintain the tension, which is the stylistic hallmark of her art. Particularly noteworthy are ‘Stoicheia’ (2015), for two violins and string orchestra, and ‘Impacts’ (2014), for cello and double bass.’

Original article from: BlowUp Magazine

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