Commissioned by Autumn Festival of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre



​Sub category

Small Ensemble




9 minutes


recorder, cello, harpsichord, live elctronics


First performed

First premiere 27 September 2014, Tallinn, Autumn Festival of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, by Roentgen Connection, Tammo Sumera (live electronics)
First premiere Estonia: 28 August 2021, Tallinn St. John’s Church, Tallinn Chamber Music Festival, by Johannes Välja (cello), Regina Udod (double bass)

Program notes
“Auprès, au loin” (Near, far) is a journey through the process of creation, that in one hand derives strength from introspective experience, on the other hand describes process of creation as a challenge to handle strong interruptions from outside that change and shape the inner sphere.
This is continuous cycle of reappearances, in what forces come across each other and create new antithesis, even out or transmute and change the disposition of material.