Äli-Ann Klooren, 8 October, 2021, Sirp


“In regards to the new works, Elis Hallik’s The Firehearted, which was performed at ERSO’s opening concert, also left a very deep impression. The conceptual idea of the work is similar to Luciano Berio’s Sinfonia, where well-known pieces of music are embedded in the original work. Hallik has combined her work with Beethoven’s opening movement from Leonore, which in its unaltered form shines, sometimes less and sometimes more, through complex language of sound, and in doing so forms such an exciting and witty work, one that has inadvertently also become programmatic due to these confusing times. Namely, the composer’s spouse finds that The Firehearted reflects how Beethoven’s music was performed during the season in the midst of the crisis and confusion – even in an empty hall. I very much hope that this work will be performed again soon, because one hearing alone will definitely not suffice.”

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